Lunch at Kyung Bok Palace (景福宮)

Today was an extremely chilly day, and although I am unsure of the exact temperature it had been, my icy fingers felt like they were going to plop off my hands as we walked in the bitter cold. After grocery shopping, my mom and I decided we needed some lunch! Since we were near Lansdowne Mall, we decided to try Kyung Bok Palace, a Korean restaurant within the mall. I couldn’t even recall when was the last time we dined there – it must have been a long time ago!

The exterior of the restaurant! The Korean characters mean: Kyung Bok Palace!

The exterior of the restaurant! The Korean characters mean: Kyung Bok Palace!

We arrived at approximately 2:30pm. There weren’t many diners already there, perhaps only a couple tables, considering the large size of the restaurant. What I like about this place is that the tableware and booths are always quite clean.

A glimpse of the interior!

A glimpse of the interior!

As you can see here, they’ve put up some interesting Christmas decorations! It’s always nice to be surrounded by some holiday cheer. :)

We were provided both the lunch special and regular menu. Without even opening the regular menu, both my mom and I opted straight for the lunch special menu. I don’t remember ever eating lunch here before, so we were definitely curious to see what was on the special. It seemed like a pretty good deal – there was a full page of choices and each special dish was for $7.95.

Side dishes - aka banchan (반찬)

Side dishes – aka banchan (반찬)

Prior to the arrival of our main dishes, we were given three complimentary side dishes. Kimchi, sweet potatoes, and cold boiled bean sprouts.

Marinated Tender Beef w/ Mushroom in Soup with Sweet Potato (Bowl of Rice included) - $7.95

Marinated Tender Beef w/ Mushroom in Soup with Sweet Potato (Bowl of Rice included) – $7.95

My mom and I decided to order two dishes to share. We ordered the Marinated Tender Beef w/ Mushroom in Soup with Sweet Potato as well as the Black Bean Noodle (Ja Jang Myeon), each at $7.95. I apologize for not being able to provide a picture of the noodles – I was so hungry I digged right in without remembering to snap a photo first! :P

The marinated beef was indeed tender, as its name suggested. Though I was skeptical at first when the bowl arrived (seeing how small the bowl looked), I was surprised to find many pieces of beef inside, quite enough for two individuals to share. The bowl, as you could see in the picture, was topped with an egg and some green onions. The soup was boiling hot (perfect for a chilly day!) and was very flavourful, albeit a bit on the salty side.

I pretty much had the Black Bean Noodles all to myself as my mom said she didn’t really like the black bean sauce (although I had a feeling she was just holding back in order for me to eat more..). It was topped with a clump of black bean sauce and some thinly-sliced cucumbers, in which they all had to be mixed together before consuming. Portion-wise, it was definitely enough to share between two, and there were also a good deal of diced meat in the bowl. I’ve only had Black Bean Noodles a few times before, and it was my first time trying it out at Kyung Bok Palace, but I enjoyed it very much. The noodles filled me up quickly and by the end of the meal there was still a portion of the sauce left.

Overall, the lunch experience here at Kyung Bok Palace was alright. The atmosphere was quiet and nice, the cutlery was spotless, and free tea was also provided (well, pretty much at every Korean restaurant). The lunch special also seemed like a relatively good deal, considering even some of the prices at Richmond Centre’s Dining Terrace are more expensive. I would definitely consider revisiting this restaurant for lunch sometime! :)

Happy Eating! n__n

J, from Culinary Confidantes

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